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If you require an industrial door that will be used frequently throughout the day - a sectional door could be the best choice. Albion Industrial Doors Ltd can fabricate and install a range of durable sectional doors designed for heavy use and fast opening. We operate across Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland & England.

  • Easy to open

  • Smooth operation

  • High speed opening

  • Very durable

  • Solid, glazed or semi-glazed options

  • Can be insulated


With a wide choice of styles and finishes available, the sectional overhead door will make an attractive addition to your premises. The sleek style and smooth operation will aid efficiency and add a professional touch to your business operations.

Why choose sectional doors?

A practical & durable option

The fast operation and tightly-sealed finish of a sectional door can help to keep your work areas well insulated. They can also help improve productivity by saving valuable loading and unloading time. If you feel that your business will benefit from a sectional door - contact us today for expert advice.

Easy to operate sectional overhead doors

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